Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Here we are
  on the cross of space and time
Contemplating the miracle
This precious pause

Future lives
Enlightenment, even
Comforting speculations
In the face of a single undeniable fact:
Here we are.

Wanting to be off the hook
Wanting to be somewhere else
Easier to dream of a sunnier place
Than to enjoy the rainy here and now

Meat-bodies run amok
In this once-great land
Run by corporations for the corporations
Work work
Buy buy
We are the herds
We follow the songs
  of an invisible shepherd
  who seduces us with things we want
And we don't even notice
The browning of the pines
The dying of the squid
Everything surreal, unreal
When viewed on a tiny screen

When I go
I will be grateful for those I have loved
And who have loved me
And that will be enough.

Here we are
Let's make the best of it

Merry Christmas 2012 Happy New Year 2013!

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